Choosing Centre-Based Respite

Reading the paper

Choosing the right service will help you feel confident that the person with dementia is in a safe environment that meets their needs.

Location and availability are two of the first things to consider. For centre-based respite in your area visit  Find-a-service at MyAgedCare and enter your postcode and click the centre-based respite button.

The following questions may help you choose the most appropriate centre-based respite service:

  • What is the training and level of experience of staff?
  • What experience do staff have with clients with dementia?
  • Does the service provide transport services?
  • Does the service provide meals?
  • What activities will the person with dementia take part in?
  • How can the centre meet the specific needs (such as cultural, diet, behavioural, medical) of the person with dementia that you care for?
  • Does the centre undertake ‘outings’ or day trips?
  • What is the cost of services? If so, how is payment organised?
  • What procedures are in place for emergencies?

If possible, spend a day at the service you are considering so you can get a ‘feel’ for the people and environment. During this visit, take the Centre-based Respite Checklist to help you to decide whether the centre is right for you and the person with dementia you care for.

Key Contacts

Planned Respite
My Aged Care: 1800 200 422

Emergency Respite
Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre: 1800 052 222

Carer Gateway
1800 422 737

National Dementia Helpline
1800 100 500